Our Story

The Why:

Our story starts several years back, when we as managers were told we couldn’t use job boards as they were too expensive, and also as job seekers, when it was frustrating applying for job vacancies, only to never hear back, after submitting an application.

On the one occasion, that sticks in my mind, when a recruiter did contact me it was to complain via email, that I had applied for the same job vacancy 27 days apart. My response was, surely that’s the job boards fault, why does it let me apply for the same job twice?

These experiences are just a few of our own, but during our research leading us on our journey to improve the way company’s recruit online and we apply online there are many, many similar stories , However we didn’t just want to make it simpler, it needed to be made safer and very much more affordable so any company no matter how big or small can advertise.

The How:

To protect job seekers identities, we would start by not saving their personal information in a database, and to make Job searching, more accurate, simpler and more interactive we will use the latest technologies, after all we are in the 21st century!!.

Today we live in a world, where we watch and stream movies from our phones, video chat with friends and families half way across the world, and now even have business meetings from our homes. We shop online and have our shopping delivered and on some occasions even on the same day.  We ask Alexa to play our favourite songs and to turn down our lights, we ask google to search the internet and to find us answers to our questions.  We wear heart monitors on our wrists and track our fitness and sleep patterns.  And so the question is, why is it still so awkward to apply or job vacancies from a mobile device and why in doing so, do we have to put our own identities at risk?

JobApp isn’t a job board, it’s a job searching app that will change the recruitment Industry FACT. By using the latest technologies, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Image and Voice recognition, Augmented reality combined with pure passion, to deliver something unique, safe and affordable, But most importantly!! to simplify the way we all recruit online and to deliver a job searching experience, that finally feels like it belongs in this modern era.